JACKETPRO Enterprise iOS Browser for Barcode Sleds


As part of the NETSTORSYS family, JACKETPRO provides a better browser experience in conjunction with scanning attachments for Apple iPhone and iPod touch such as the LineaPRO from Infinite Peripherals or Honeywell Captuvo. These scanning sled attachments transform the iPod touch or the iPhone into a perfect mobile scanner - JACKETPRO provides the matching browser with deeper scanner integration and KIOSK full screen mode. Web-based business applications from areas such as logistics or retail are thus safe and intuitive to use.

Scan-ready KIOSK browser

Scanner mit JACKETPRO
JACKETPRO is based on the Apple Safari browser, which is already available in the iOS, and adds company-critical features such as:
  • Full screen mode
  • Restriction of symbologies via HTML
  • Definable start URL
  • Swipe navigation for multiple web apps
  • HTML5 integration of the scanner
  • JavaScript callbacks
  • Quick registration via JACKETPRO Mgmt Server
  • Remote management via JACKETPRO management server

Honeywell Captuvo and LineaPRO from Infinite Peripherals

Honeywell and Infinite Peripherals have reinvigorated the rigid and innovation-shy market of mobile data acquisition devices with the Captuvo or LineaPRO product lines. The scan attachments transform a consumer device such as an Apple iPod into a powerful mobile scanner that is superior in many areas (screen resolution, operating system and usability). While other manufacturers are still on the market with old Windows versions and even older browsers, the supported Apple devices provide all the convenience of a modern operating system, coupled with cheaper hardware compared to other MDE devices.

Enterprise rollout

Easy Rollout
JACKETPRO makes it easy to manage hundreds of devices. The JACKETPRO Management Server (JMS) simplifies registration and configuration management. The server is a Java Web application that is installed by the customer. The JMS first receives initial registration requests from the JACKETPRO app and responds to them. The app is activated immediately. The alternative option of entering a license key manually on the device itself is retained, of course. In addition, configurations from the server can also be transferred to the scanner at the press of a button. This makes it possible to use the devices quickly in the field, without prior configuration phases per device.

Why iPod touch and scanner attachment?

From the LOGENTIS perspective, the price-performance ratio of the scanning sled attachments LineaPRO and Captuvo used in combination with an iPod touch is far better than for all previous touchscreen-based mobile input devices and the combination also provides a much better suite of functions. The few disadvantages (such as no replaceable batteries) can be disregarded due to the very high price of other devices.

Barcodesled & iPod Touch Motorola MC45
Betriebssystem / OS Apple iOS 9 ( Okt.2015) Windows Mobile 6.5 (2010)
Browser Safari / HTML5 IE Mobile 6.5 (No HTML5)
Display 1136 x 640 320 x 240
Speicher / Memory 512 Mb / 32 Gb Flash 256 Mb RAM / 1 GB Flash
CPU ARM Dual Core A9 - 1Ghz ARM 11 - 600Mhz
Bluetooth 4.0 2.0
WLAN / Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n 802.11 a/b/g
Scanner 2D - fast recognition 1D - good recognition

Markpreis ca. / market price 550 EURO (iPod + Barcodesled) 900 EURO

The Zebra MC45 is one of the best-selling devices in the field of logistics and therefore serves as an example as a comparison model. There is an entire series of similar models from other manufacturers in an appropriate price range, such as the MC45. For years, LOGENTIS as a provider of Web-based logistics software, has criticised stagnation in the area of mobile recording devices in terms of operating systems and corresponding browsers (topic: HTML5). Both Honeywell and Infinite Peripherals have penetrated the market with Captuvo and LineaPRO, and can automatically access high-quality consumer hardware from Apple.


The main feature of JACKETPRO is the provision of a browser that is based on the Safari browser of iOS on the, but with integration of the sled scanner. In addition, JACKETPRO offers a permanent full-screen mode that cannot be exited. This is the only way that enterprise solutions can be operated safely. JACKETPRO offers the following features:

Full screen view

The business applications always appear in full screen. In addition to the advantage that more space is available for the actual application, the user also cannot enter any URLs to access other Web sites. This approach also eliminates any buttons that rarely make sense in the enterprise context (e.g. Reload, Back, Forward, Home, etc.). This makes the Web application less prone to errors and provides users with fewer opportunities to perform non-work-related actions.

Scanner integration

Scanner integration makes it possible to control the scanner via HTML. By setting simple HTML tags, the scanner can be fully authorized for specific application areas. Likewise, active scanners can be restricted to specific symbologies. This means, for example, if an EAN-13 barcode is expected in a screen of the Web application, then this is allowed while all others are prevented. This makes it impossible to scan items that are not expected. In addition, it is also possible to define a JavaScript callback that is called for each scan. What happens next depends entirely on the respective application.
Detailed documentation in the form of a PDF is available as of release 1.0. Further details are also described in the JACKETPRO documentation menu.

Sound integration

Some scanner sled attachments have their own sound chip in the housing. JACKETPRO can use JavaScript to generate sounds that are issued directly from the scanning sled. This dispenses with the need to use HTML5 sound files and generates better feedback for the user on the scanner.

Swipe navigation

JACKETPRO can jump between multiple web applications without the user having to slog through cumbersome menus. A simple swipe of your finger from left to right is sufficient to access a navigation menu that lists all configured Web applications. A single tap is enough to jump to the corresponding application. Swiping works at any time in JACKETPRO. Wherever the user is currently located.

Remote configuration management

Devices are easy to configure remotely with the JACKETPRO Management Server (JMS). By creating configuration templates or templates on the JMS, configuration values can be pushed to the device over-the-air (OTA) at the push of a button. And this applies not only for individual devices but also for configurable groups of devices. This ensures a fine differentiation between devices in different enterprise areas.

Fast licensing

Companies with many scanners in use shy away from importing individual licence keys. JACKETPRO can authorise itself using integrated license management on the JACKETPRO Management Server. After a positive confirmation from the server, it can be used fully. Without the attached scanning sled, JACKETPRO can be used completely free and without a license. You can call further information on the management server itself from the 'Management Server' menu item in the menu on the left.

App documentation


This documentation is intended to facilitate creation of a Web application for the JACKETPRO app of Logentis GmbH. A test environment is available here.

Processing the bar code

One of the key tasks of most Web applications for the JACKETPRO app is to realize processing of the scanned bar code.
In order to accommodate the bar code, the 'onscan' function must be realized with a transfer parameter in JavaScript. The transfer parameter is later the bar code. It is important that the function is called 'onscan'. The function is executed immediately after successful scanning of a bar code. In this example, the bar code is displayed in an alert.

var onscan = function(data){

JavaScript interface

Registered JavaScript functions

Various JavaScript functions are registered in the app. These can be called like JavaScript functions. For example, success or error tones can be played:


The scanner hardware can also be activated / deactivated.

Registered app functions

Various functions can be connected directly via the two registered JavaScript methods sendToApp and sendToAppWithParameter.

sendToAppWithParameter(methodenname, parameter);

Both functions have transfer parameters. The first parameter is the method name within the app. The second transfer parameter of the sendToAppWithParameter function transfers the desired transfer parameters of the internal function. Here, for example, a success tone is triggered via the sendToApp function:


You can use the sendToAppWithParameter function to play an error tone, for example. The number of tones is entered as the transfer parameter. In this example, the error tone is played three times:


Other functions that can be called are:


The showMessage function triggers an alert in the app with the text of the transferred string.

Control using meta tags

If you do not want to use any JavaScript then various functions can also be controlled using meta elements. To do this, a meta element called: 'JACKETPRO' must be assigned on the HTML page. The content tag can then be selected depending on the function. To turn on the scanner, for example:

<meta name="JACKETPRO" content="ScannerOn">

To turn off the scanner:

<meta name="JACKETPRO" content="ScannerOff"/>

To start the scanner process of the scanner:

<meta name="JACKETPRO" content="ScannerStart"/>

You can also use the meta element to activate different symbologies individually. Is no symbology is specified, all symbologies are enabled.

<meta name="JACKETPRO" content="QR"/>
<meta name="JACKETPRO" content="Ean13"/>
<meta name="JACKETPRO" content="Ean8"/>
<meta name="JACKETPRO" content="Upca"/>

Developer mode

The app has a developer mode. In developer mode, the user is also able to see a URL bar, a Back button, and a Go button. The Back button can be used to return to the previous page. The Go button is used to call the address entered in the URL bar.

LifeCycle functions

To execute a function directly after the scan, you can implement the function onscan(). This function is called when the scanner has read a barcode. To issue an alert after scanning with the scanned barcode, for example, the JavaScript code should appear as follows:

var onscan(data){

Keyboard layouts for text fields

Because a text field but no keyboard is often necessary for scanning processes, the 'scanner-keys' attribute can be used to disable and/or change the iPod keyboard overlay. To disable the keyboard overlay, the 'scanner-keys' attribute is set to 'none'. The keyboard can be changed to a telephone keypad or to the numeric keypad of the iOS system. To change the keyboard to the telephone keypad, the 'scanner-keys' attribute is set to 'telephone'. To set the keyboard to the number keypad of iOS, the 'scanner-keys' attribute is set to 'number'. The important thing is to choose an input tag and assign it the attribute type = 'text'. Also, the text field requires an ID. In the following example, the number keypad is displayed for the 'number' text field, the telephone keypad is displayed for the 'telephone' text field, and no keyboard is displayed for the 'readonly' text field. If the 'scanner-keys' attribute is not specified, the default iOS keyboard will appear when you click in the text field.

<input scanner-keys="default" id="feld-text"     type='text' >
<input scanner-keys="number"  id="feld-number"   type='text' >
<input scanner-keys="telefon" id="feld-telefon"  type='text' >
<input scanner-keys="none"    id="feld-readonly" type='text' >

Focus on the text field

It is possible to set the focus of the browser directly when loading the page to a text field. For this, when defining an HTML input element, the attribute focusOn must be specified with the value 'true'.

<input focusOn="true"  id="feld-focus-in" type='text' >

The JACKETPRO Management Server - get a grip on your devices

JACKETPRO Management Device Management

The JACKETPRO Management Server (JMS) significantly simplifies licensing and configuration for larger installations. The software is installed on a Windows, Linux, or Apple server, on the network in which the scanners are also used. With the JMS, the licenses are maintained based on the UUID of the individual devices. You receive the licenses via LOGENTIS, specifying the UUIDs of the employed devices. After all the licenses have been entered, the devices are easy to register on the server.

jacketpro Group Management

With remote JMS, it is also possible to configure the individual devices over-the-air (OTA). With configuration templates on the server, it is very easy to make possible provisions for individual devices or device groups possible. A device group would match a department in a company. For example, devices that are used in the point of sale can be configured differently as devices that are used in the warehouse.

jacketpro Group Management

For the device to know where the server is located, JACKETPRO must be informed at what URL the server can be reached. In a future version of JACKETPRO, the device will be equipped with a TCP/IP broadcast, making it able to find the server # independently, as long as it is in the same network segment. Of course, it is possible to manually input licences on devices without using the JACKETPRO Management Server.

Subscription model per year

Always up-to-date - low entry costs. Available from a quantity of 30 licenses.

Scan app licence

15 (per year)

  • No scan limit
  • Manual or remote management
  • Email support
  • Free updates

Authorizes use of a defined device. The key is derived from the UUID of the device and is therefore valid only for the named device.

Management server licence

7 (per year/device)

  • Simplified licence key management
  • Create configuration groups
  • Push configurations to devices
  • Email support
  • Free updates

The costs refer to a fee per year and per device that is maintained in the management server.

Traditional licence model

One-time purchase costs & optional maintenance and support. Available from a quantity of 30 licenses.

Scan app


  • No scan limit
  • Manual management
  • Remote management
  • All functions

Authorizes use of a defined device. The key is derived from the UUID of the device and is therefore valid only for the named device.

Management server licence


  • Per managed device
  • Simplified licence key management
  • Create configuration groups
  • Push configurations to devices

The costs refer to a fee per year and per device that is maintained in the management server.

Maintenance &

16 % (per year)

  • of the respective license price
  • Available for app and server
  • Email support
  • Free updates

Personal user support and the right to always have the latest versions. Distribution of the scan app via the Apple App Store. The management server can be obtained from LOGENTIS.

Interested in our JACKETPRO app or scanner sleds from Honeywell and Infinite Peripherals?